May 22, 2021

Let's Talk About Wellbeing with Nicole

In this episode, Tutu chats to Nicole Stephens of the Wellbeing Fans, a Health & Wellness page for women looking after children with disabilities. Nicole is a qualified Nutritionist and is the right person to be discussing th...

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March 7, 2021

The One With Two Special Dads

What's so special about this episode is that there are two special needs Dads involved, it's not often we hear from Dads in the special needs space unlike Mums so this is refreshing. In this episode, we are in conversation wi...

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Feb. 20, 2021

Let's Talk About Hospital Appointments

In this episode, Tutu & Kenny talk about preparing for and managing multiple appointments across different hospitals and clinics. How to prepare yourself as a Parent/Carer and your child before attending, they also share tips...

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Feb. 12, 2021

Hello & Meet the Co - Founders

In this episode, our Co - Founders Kenny & Tutu Popoola introduce our support network for parents with black special needs children in the UK and those who love them. We briefly explore issues like limited visibility for blac...

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