About Black Special Needs Parents Support Network (BSNPSN)

A podcast for parents of Black special needs children in the UK and those who love them.

BSNPSN was created because it’s really important to have a visual representation of and a voice for Black families raising children with disabilities in the UK. A quick research online will reveal a lack of representation for black families in this situation due to a number of reasons including stigma and sometimes a real or perceived lack of acceptance of children living with disabilities in the Black community. This group seeks to bridge that gap through our core values. 

We will support the parents and children by providing information on different topics important to them. We also hope that they will come to see us as part of their social support system both online and offline and reduce the instances of isolation for parents and their children.
We aim to inspire families to live a better life. We will promote activities, brands and professionals who can show us how we can live a better life inspite of sometimes challenging circumstances.

We aim to encourage families to come out and be part of a wider community of people in similar situations, share knowledge, support each other and know that they are not alone. 

We will listen to Black families who are sometimes gaslighted by some medical professionals, extended families and friends or those who feel they have no one to speak to or believe others don’t understand their difficulties.

We will celebrate every milestone and achievement no matter how little. We recognise that each child is different and should be celebrated first as a human being and acknowledged as an important part of a family unit. We will also celebrate the parents who are doing an incredible job in sometimes challenging situations. We will celebrate the various cultures represented in our community and promote inclusion of our children in these celebrations.